OK, I'm a cat person - what can I say?

I wish I had a picture of Skylight who was born beside my bed and spent 15 1/2 years with me in five different houses, and was shop cat in two stores. When I was moving to Mendocino County, with many trips to Southern California and back, she knew that her home was a cabover camper even when it was still on the truck and traveling, or rather, she knew that her home was anywhere that I was.

Skylight was a beautiful lynx-point Siamese with light sky-blue eyes.

Skylight was a survivor! When she was less than a week old, she survived an attack by a strange tomcat who had come in an open door (the vet thought I was crazy showing up with this tiny torn-up kitten); survived getting shot (in the city, not the country!!) when she was ten years old - somehow she made it home and into the house, and couldn't walk again for about six weeks - and she could glare down any dog she ever met, including, when she was thirteen, a pit bull/mastiff mix.

Sandy Russell TooSandy Russell Too appeared in my life two weeks after Skylight died. Sandy liked to travel, and in addition to a trip to Texas on which she had been invited, she also stowed away on one of my show trips and poked her nose out when it was a day too late to take her home again. So this well traveled kitty went to Art Festivals in Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Indiana, where she happily sat around in my booth and allowed everyone to pet her.
Because I didn't take a lot of pictures, this is the only one I have of Sandy in 15 years of sharing space together.

But here is another one of Cami. Sweet Cami is both shy and gentle. She came into my life as a Supermarket kitten because of her unusual markings - I did not need another cat!
I need to take winter pictures of Cami and Greystone. They both get very thick coats.
Lord Greystone von Flippentale

This is Lord Greystone von Flippentail, more than 25 lbs of Very Big Kitty. He actually belongs to my daughter-in-law, but he hangs out here with my cats too.
(Could it be because the cat food dish is here?)


And this is Dicca, who snubs me in the daytime, but sleeps on my bed at night. I think the real reason for this is to keep Cami out of my bedroom.
Dicca is younger, has not been with me as long as Cami, but is larger and more aggressive than Cami, who is a very sweet quiet cat.



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